About Me

Hi, my name is Angel Tigress. I like making fursuit and toys!) I make cartoon style fursuits. Are you interested in how it all began?

About Myself

 It all started back in March 2014! I started making animal toys in a mixed style. There was to use a solid frame and soft fur!)

Over the years I gained experience involving the anatomy of many animals. I was able to make my first very cute and high quality Fursuit head in 2017! Since I worked with similar materials for many years and knew how to work with them!)

Now I almost completely devote myself to fursuit and I want to make them as many as possible !! I try to improve in every work, do better and better!)

The fursuits of my efforts could be watched on this site. The header of my site shows my very first work and so on)

Thank you for coming here! I appreciate it! Feel free to browse for information and work examples, and feel free to contact me if you have any questions ~

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